La Ponte
La Ponte-Ecomuséu is a research center and ecomuseum, managed by the local community of Santo Adriano, in Asturias (Spain), where various research, dissemination and experimentation activities are carried out from social entrepreneurship and around cultural heritage. It is an open and participatory project that tries to integrate and link all the members and actors of both the local community and society in general, based on three principles: heritage, territory and community. These principles are present in all its projects and activities, ensuring the transfer of knowledge. The creation of this cultural infrastructure allows the local population to actively participate in the management and conservation of their own local cultural heritage.
Landsbyggðin lifi
Landsbyggðin lifi (LBL) is a civil organization in Iceland which seeks to stimulate and strengthen the participation of the population throughout the country. The emphasis is on the link between people and their territory. It is a forum for individuals and civil society organizations committed to strengthening and improving their local community, thereby contributing to harmonious regional development throughout the country, both economic and cultural. Landsbyggðin lifi has worked on ideas for a national development policy for Iceland and has also carried out youth projects with the aim of identifying what rural areas have to offer for young people that want to live there.
The ToNNe Group
The ToNNe Group is a street theater company based in Drôme and created by Mathurin Gasparini in 2010. On the one hand, it offers spectacular creations adapted to the street, most often in the form of theatrical wanderings, around subjects such as the evolution of the place of women (AE-the years), or the relationship to society (My moves). These creations combine theatrical dramaturgy, music and song. In addition, the ToNNe Group develops various territorial projects, in the form of fictions on the scale of a city (Les Villes Pivotées) or immersions in places, (I live Here) which give rise to the publications collections then stagings in situ with the participation of residents. The ToNNe Group favors transversal, sensitive and participative approaches, which adapt to the concrete realities of each space.
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