The methodological principles implemented for this project are the participatory approach, active listening and awareness of rural realities.

The trinomial: Heritage – Arts – Sciences

 The ‘Lands of Butterflies’ project recovers the intangible heritage of rural areas by combining scientific and research methodologies (developed from the Humanities and Social Sciences) with creative and artistic practices. This multidisciplinary approach facilitates the recovery and transmission of the memory of these rural communities, from a critical and transforming perspective of the women involved in the project.

The work methodologies have been developed taking care of the relationship with the participants and the territory; establishing a non-hierarchical relationships and horizontal transmission of knowledge.

The ‘Lands of Butterflies’ project focuses on 3 complementary actions:


The recovery of women's heritage in the territories of Santo Adriano (Spain) and Kópasker (Iceland): La Ponte-Ecomuséu in Spain and the Landsbyggðin lifi association in Iceland carry out a series of participatory workshops during one year to recover women's memories both from an individual and collective perspective.


There is an artistic translation of these memories in order to facilitate their understanding and visibility inside and outside the local communities. This work is carried out during three artistic residencies coordinated by Groupe ToNNe in Spain, in Iceland and a final in France. The collective of artists and the local communities of Santo Adriano and Kópasker participate in a creative process to materialize these new narratives about their own territories.


The dissemination of these new narratives is through a participatory communication strategy and the creation of a final artistic work where the inhabitants of the two communities (Santo Adriano and Kópasker) are involved to share their memories of the past and reflections on their future.

Project Set-Up

Our project’s core outputs are based on the implementation of 4 work packages that will allow project partnership to reach its objectives following a logical structure:

Project management and coordination
Recovering women's memory within rural territories
Artistic residencies for the transmission of women's memories
Communication and dissemination of project results
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