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Groupe ToNNe’s residency in Kópasker (Iceland) comes to an end.

After four weeks of work in Kópasker, the French collective Groupe ToNNe ends its artistic residency. For several weeks they worked with local women interpreting the collective memory collected during the workshops conducted by Landsbyggðin lifi (LBL).

Through music, illustration and the creation of videos, the artists’ collective has captured the experiences and knowledge gathered during their stay in a series of artistic pieces that they have shown to the community on Saturday 2 September in the village shop.

The association Landsbyggðin lifi (LBL) hosts three artists from the French company “Groupe ToNNe” in Kópasker (Iceland).

This August, the association Landsbyggðin lifi (LBL) is hosting three artists from the French company “Groupe ToNNe” in Kópasker (Iceland) for a creative residency in the framework of the European project “Lands of Butterflies”. For three weeks the artists work together with the local population on the interpretation of the collective memory of the women of Kópasker captured during the workshops developed with the women of the village in the winter and spring of 2023. Through music, illustration and the creation of videos, the collective of artists will capture the experiences and knowledge gathered during their stay in a series of artistic pieces that they will show to the community.

To accompany this community and creative process, Landsbyggðin lifi (LBL) is also organising a series of activities on intangible heritage that will create moments and spaces for artists and local people to meet and exchange on the new perspectives that this project is generating on the role of women in rural communities. Some of the proposals that will be developed throughout the month are meetings with artists and local people.

They are accompanied by two members of La Ponte-Ecomuséu (Villanueva de Santo Adriano in Asturias, Spain) who have travelled to the island to accompany the process, exchange information and compare women’s views on the way of life and cultural landscapes of both rural territories.

The project “Lands of Butterflies” is a European cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme and developed by La Ponte-Ecomuséu, the Icelandic association Landsbyggdin Lifi,Fel I Landvor and the French art company Groupe ToNNe. It aims to recover and enhance through art the collective memories of rural women in Europe.

Winners of the Instagram contest Mujer memoria y territorio (Women, memory and territory)

La Ponte-Ecomuséu organised a photography and video competition on Instagram to bring the activities we carry out closer to a young audience and to highlight the collective memories of the rural women of Santo Adriano through art. The theme of the competition was women, memory and territory and the photographs or videos had to represent the landscape, traditions and/or the Asturian countryside. This initiative is part of the activities organised by La Ponte-Ecomuséu within the framework of the European project Lands of Butterflies, co-financed by the Creative Europe programme and the Santo Adriano Town Council, which aims to recover and enhance the collective memories of rural women in Europe through art.

Two prizes have been awarded. The jury’s prize, which consists of a canyoning day for four people in collaboration with Deporventura; and the public’s prize, two invitations to ‘Una Señora Fiesta‘ on 22 July at La Benéfica (Piloña) for the photo or video with the most votes on Instagram. We would like to thank all the young people who participated and La Benéfica de Piloña and Deporventura for collaborating in this initiative.

The jury, made up of members of La Ponte-Ecomuseu, has highlighted the creativity, originality and high quality of the proposals and for this reason we have named two runner-up prizes to which we will give a copy of our publication Mariposa, Tierra, mujer (Butterfly, Earth, Woman). The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday 15th July at 18:00h at the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the ecomuseum in Villanueva de Santo Adriano.


Jury’s award: «El lavaderu era, por suerte o por desgracia, el punto de encuentro entre muyeres. Un lugar donde entre colada y colada, tejer relaciones, redes de apoyo. Aunque a día de hoy esta costumbre apenas existe, todas necesitamos nuestro espacio seguro. Disfrutemos de les muyeres que frecuentan nuestru lavaderu particular. Para las vecinas entrevistadas su sitio se encuentra en Santu Adrianu». Author: Aída Villazón Busta.

PAudience Award: “Colo que nun pudieron el sol, el sudu y el trabayu/ pudo el tiempo/ De les manes fuertes y de la casa grande”. Author: Aída Naranjo García.

First runner-up: “Nido”. Author: José Díaz Arnés.

Second runner-up: “Miraes de memoria y resiliencia”. Author: Marta Fernández Villar.

First participatory workshops

The first participatory workshops of the “Lands of Butterflies” project have been launched in Asturias and Northern Iceland. Since October 2022 the Ecomuseum La Ponte and Landsbyggdin Lifi, Fel I Landvor are engaging women from Santo Adriano (Spain) and Kópasker (Iceland) to participate in local meetings where they can share their memories of their respective villages.

Based on the common guidelines defined during the coordination meeting in Villanueva de Santo Adriano (September 2022), both organisations are creating safe spaces to engage women of all ages. These meetings are the starting point to generate favourable conditions for the transmission of women’s memory and intangible heritage between generations.

These workshops will continue on a monthly basis until the end of spring. The project partners will then host a group of French artists ToNNe for artistic residencies in which they will accompany the local populations in the interpretation and dissemination of these memories through creativity.

The memories collected in both villages will also be published in a monograph that will be available in early 2024.

Workshops in Villanueva de Santo Adriano:

Workshops in Kópasker:

First project meeting

On 23 and 24 September 2022, La Ponte-Ecomuséu welcomed its project partners from Iceland (Landsbyggðin lifi, LBL) and France (Groupe ToNNe) to Villanueva de Santo Adriano. Together they have launched the project “Lands of Butterflies” which they jointly developed in the framework of the Creative Europe programme. During the 24 months of the project, the partners will collaborate to investigate and value through art the contributions of women to the construction of cultural landscapes in rural areas.

In the first year of the project, the ecomuseum and its Icelandic partner will develop a series of workshops with the local population for the recovery of this intangible heritage and the creation of participatory and reflective environments on the construction of new paradigms in the territories. During the second year, a series of artistic residencies will be carried out under the coordination of Groupe ToNNe in order to make visible at local and European level the role of rural women in the past, making us reflect on the present and the future of our peripheral territories.

The “Tierras de Mariposas” project has a total budget of 129,000 euros and is one of the 79 European projects funded under the 2021 call for “small-scale” cooperation projects of the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme.

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