June activities

This June, La Ponte-Ecomuséu will host 3 artists from the French company “Groupe ToNNe” for a creative residency developed within the framework of the European project “Lands Of Butterflies”. For four weeks the artists will work with the local population on the interpretation of the collective memory of the women of Santo Adriano captured during ten participatory workshops developed. Through music, theatre, illustration and the creation of videos, the collective of artists will capture the experiences and knowledge gathered during their stay in a series of artistic pieces that will be shown to the community every week.

To accompany this community and creative process, the ecomuseum is also organising a series of activities on intangible heritage that will create moments and spaces for artists and local people to exchange on the new perspectives that this project is generating on the role of women in rural communities. Some of the proposals that will be developed during the month include meetings with local artists, workshops on dance and tambourine with Paz González and oral memory workshop with Xosé Antón Ambás, musical activity of “cancios de chigre” (traditional songs) and presentations of the works that Groupe ToNNE will be creating throughout the weeks.

After this experience, the artists will travel to Kopasker Kopásker, in the north of Iceland, to learn about and promote the intangible heritage of the women of this rural area, where similar workshops are being carried out in the framework of this project. During this stay at the end of the summer, two companions from the ecomuseum will travel to the island to accompany the process, exchange information and compare women’s perspectives on the way women and compare women’s views on the way of life and cultural landscapes of both rural territories.

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