First project meeting for the “Lands of Butterflies” project

The first participatory workshops of the “lands of Butterflies” project have been launched in Asturias and in the North of Iceland. Since October 2022 La Ponte Ecomuseum and Landsbyggdin Lifi, Fel I Landvor are engaging women from Santo Adriano (Spain) and Kopasker (Iceland) to participate in local encounters where they can share their memories of their respective villages.

Based on the common guidelines defined during the coordination meeting in Villanueva de Santo Adriano (september 2022) both organizations are creating safe spaces to engage women of all ages. Those encounters are the starting points to generate favorable conditions for the transmission of women’s memories and intangible heritage between generations.

These workshops will keep running monthly until the end of spring. Then the project partners will host the French artists groupe ToNNe for artistic residencies where they will accompany the local populations in interpreting and disseminating these memories through creativity.

Collected memories in both villages will also be published in a monograph available by the beginning of 2024.

Workshops in Spain: 

Workshops in Iceland:

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